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Later in the series he developes feelings for her, but is too late. He still does his best to make Jan Di always smile. (one sided crush) He is a guitarist that plays in an unknown band, and meets Jan Di at a bar where she is with Oh Min-Ji.

After learning about Jun Pyo and Jan Di's relationship, he's seen to have given up, but still tries to pursue her. In that episode, they also hug, which makes things complicated. Whenever Jan Di had a problem, Ji Hoo was always there to her aid. He can tell she doesn't like the scene, and also says he finds it too rowdy.

During their first encounter, after he rejects a girl's offering and shoves cake into her face, she tries to tell him off for his actions but she ends up saying nothing instead, regretting putting him in his place.

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Min Seo Hyun, the famous model, befriends her after seeing her being bullied.Outraged at everyone, as he proceeds to beat up her attackers, and takes Jan Di to his house, where he cleans her up and apologizes.Shortly after, Jun Pyo tells the students that they are dating, and to treat Jan Di like they would him.Ji Hoo was absent during this time and comes back, regretting that he was too late to become her boyfriend, and realizes he was in love with her the whole time.

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(true love, fiance) Jan Di's first opinion about Jun Pyo is sour, since she considers him an ass and a bastard.

Ji Hoo is gone, and the students at Shinwa High continue to bully her.

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