Who is lil mama dating now

09-Jul-2019 14:11

Sometimes when we talk about her, he makes comments about how he wishes they could have stayed together for the sake of the children.Or that she was a different person and she changed and that's why they broke up."It's just something I was curious about, experimented with it, and it's over with and done with, and that's it, won't ever happen again." As for what happened, Sugar Bear put it very bluntly: "I got my d--k sucked." So, why'd he keep it a secret?"I don't want everybody to know that lie," he explains.It makes me feel like maybe he's still not over her, and that he wishes that they could still be together.I dont have kids of my own so maybe I just dont understand what its like to have kids with someone. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year.

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For you relationship to work he needs to find resolve to all of their unresolved issues and set ground rules that respect you and your relationship.I'm going threw some what the same thing your going threw. He's 53 yrs old has a 1 1/2 yr old with a 26 yt old. He says he doesn't let me know when there talking because he's thinking of my feelings. It hurts like hell knowing I know he still in love with her. You do not deserve to be tangled in whatever they have going on past, present, of future - even if it's an emotional attachment.