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18-Feb-2019 22:25

Conspiracy theorists note that Trump’s FDA head Scott Gottleib took 0,000 from Glaxo Smith Kline, which is working on a synthetic patent-protected version of kratom that will become people’s only option if the real thing is banned.

Related: how have insulin prices increased by 10x in the past twenty years, and what does that mean for diabetics?

Recent claimed findings include eg: “there is no evidence that [industry] experience is a significant factor in either quality of productivity [of programmers]”.

Study describes itself as “exploratory” and I am totally unqualified to judge.

Canadian FDA-equivalent bans Soylent for violating standards. FDA is trying to ban kratom, an herb many people use as a chronic pain treatment or to help overcome opiate addiction.

Particular standards weren’t mentioned, but jimrandomh’s research suggests it was a regulation saying that all meal replacements have to be low-fat – which is not supported by research and might be actively unhealthy. Previously the DEA tried the same, but backed down after an outcry from kratom users and their families who say they rely on it to stay well.

It’s a natural outgrowth of existing tests that check for Down Syndrome and other very serious genetic diseases, but the exciting new part is where they can analyze risk for some polygenic diseases (ones that depend on contributions from hundreds or thousands of genes) as well as the usual simple stuff.

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But these doctors can’t say “We are frauds who give everyone marijuana cards”, so lots of marijuana-wanting and even marijuana-needing people won’t go to the doctor because they’re afraid they’ll get turned down.

Redditor asks why Google Home gives such weird readings when asked “what is the temperature inside”; top commenter notes that depending on your tone of voice, Google Home will answer this question with the temperature in the city of Side, Turkey.

A group of scientists including Friend Of The Blog Stephen Hsu launch Genomic Prediction, a company that uses genetic testing to helps families select embryos for IVF.

Paul Palaiologos Tagaris, Byzantine con man, “was appointed an Orthodox bishop, pretended to be the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, switched from Greek Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism and back again, supported both the See of Rome and the Avignon anti-popes in the Western Schism, and managed to be named Latin Patriarch of Constantinople”.

Inside the cutthroat cash-flush dog-eat-dog world of…online mattress reviews?Reminds me of the recent discussion of Confucians vs.

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